5 Questions with Benjamin Lieber

1. Can you please introduce yourself, where are you from, what do you work and so on.

My name is Benjamin Lieber, I live in New York City, work as a Barista and Bartender. Before I moved to NYC I was a touring musician for 5 years. I still pursue music regularly, and photography and visual art have become an additional full time artistic passion for me.

2. How long you shoot on film and why you chose film?

I’ve shot film since I picked up my first camera ever, which was probably around 3 years ago. I never moved on to digital because I just fell in love with the tangibility of film. I like that it’s real, that there’s actual moving parts, and that you can touch it and mess it up with your hands if you wanted to. It establishes a connection between the realness of you and the image you are burning.

3. What’s your favorite camera ?My favorite camera is the Canon A-1. It is absolutely the most versatile and strong SLR I’ve ever used. Its durable, trustworthy, adaptable, and honesty just a tank of a camera.

4. Can you tell something more about your personal project and why you’ve decided to do it? Photography is an artistic outlet for me just like writing songs. It allows me to feel creative satisfaction. Not only that, but moving to a new city where I don’t know anyone was really isolating. My camera has been my best friend and has given me purpose to go out and create every day. The blog is called Feed The Spool in reference to loading a roll of film into your camera. Right now it’s nothing more than just an instagram account where I can share other artist’s work that I come upon that inspires me. I wanted to be able to share it without totally blowing up my personal feed. In the future I’d like to turn it into a site and actually offer more in-depth features and interviews (like you are!) so hopefully I can get that up and running soon.

5. What are you future plans for the project? Keep creating, keep inspiring, keep chasing that magic.

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