5 Questions with Jaime Asensio

1. Can you please introduce yourself, tell us where you’re from, and how long you’ve shot on film?

My name is Jaime Asensio. I am a Spanish video editor based in London. I moved here pursuing a career in cinema. The funny thing is that working in film got me into analog photography. Ii started working at Technicolor Soho in 2013., It was there that a top colouriost lent me his Mamiya 7. It has been a love story between analog photography and me ever since.

2. Why do you like to shoot on film?

I love the wait, the expectancy. I love not knowing the results immediately. The fact that every frame costs money pushes me into thinking every shot twice or even three times, into taking my time and finding the perfect moment. I love the challenge.

3. What’s your favorite gear to use (camera, lens, film)?

I love working with my old Mamiya NC1000S. It has never disappointed me, even when it was broken and the light leaks covered most of the frame. Iit would still look beautiful. I also love my new Bronica EFTRS. I couldn’t imagine a better medium format companion.

4. Among your works, which one is your favorite? Why?

I still consider the few pics I took of a red Chevrolet at the Venice Beach boardwalk four years ago among my best work. I used a Fujifilm 400 film and it was late at nioght, so I had to hold still for 1/60 or 1/30 of a second. I thought I didn’t make it, that nothing was going to come out of that film roll.

5. Exactly what it is you want to say with your photographs?

I have a background in film. My aim is to tell a story with a single still. I normally don’t know the story that surrounds a moment. I make up one, I capture the moment and then try to transmit the same feeling to whomever is seeing the picture. My main goal is being able to share my own thoughts and feelings with other people on a silent and intimate way.

You can follow Jaime on instagram @jash_moody

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