Analogue United 2.0

New Year, new us 🙂

I’m working on this website for more than 2 years now and I think it’s time for a little update. I would like to continue working on the website and continue grow it and that’s why I’ve decided to move it to wordpress. With this move I will be able to add more blog posts with different people and everyone will be able to add their posts. Furthermore everyone will be able to add comments to the blog posts. This year a new Blog series will start, called “10 Questions With…” I’m really excited to share all the interesting photographers I’ve found in the past months.

The way we admit contributors is also changing. From now on I will do blog posts with collaborators by sharing their stories and photos and then also share some of the photos on our instagram feed.

If you’d like to support the website and help me grow it, you can donate something at For those that are not familiar what Ko-fi is, it’s a website platform that lets people financialy support their favourite artists, bloggers or podcasters. You can donate as little as a price you pay for a Coffe and there is no fees involved. Of course you are not obligated to do it, I’m not making money from the website and I’m working on it just as a hobby and I’m paying for everything myself, so every help is welcome 🙂

If you have questions, or you just want to get in touch, please send an email at

Happy shooting! 🙂

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