5 Questions with Max Pentecost

1. Can you please introduce yourself, tell us where you’re from, and how long you’ve shot on film?My name is Max Pentecost and I am currently 21 years old. I am living in South East London. I have been using film for 3 years so I am still only a baby to the film world!

2. Why do you like to shoot on film?

There are many differant reasons why I chose to use film. I find it so much more rewarding in comparison to digital photography. I actually work in a digital camera store here in the UK called Jessops. Dispite having the entire world of all the newest digital cameras at my disposal I still chose to use my trusty film camera. I also find that for my style of double exposures, film creates a much more natural look. Double exposures are something that can be replicated using Fuji Digital cameras. Any Fuji camera from the XT2 onwards can replicate double exposures but they are so unnatural and its so unrewarding to see your imagd straight away as opposed to finishing a roll to find out!

3. What’s your favorite gear to use (camera, lens, film) ?I have many differant film cameras. Although my top 3 have to be my Olympus OM10, my Nikon F4 and my Olympus IS2000. The IS2000 was one of the first bridge cameras ever made and it is the ugliest camera that I have ever had the pleasure to use. This is the camera 80% of my double exposures are taken on. With my OM10, I have many different lenses, the two most obscure being that I have a prime 26mm F2.6/4.4 macro lens. I also have a 500mm lens with a x2 converter, which comes in at 1000mm luckily for me its a reflector and is very small.

4. Among your works, which one is your favorite? Why?

I actually hate the majority of my images. Working with a style that is heavily focused on double exposures is very hit and miss. All of my images work in two differany ways. Portrait and Landscape. I feel like 90% of the people dont realise this most of the time. Although for myself i would have to say that one of my favorite images has to be one taken from within the tate modern. It is such a vibrant piece and and every lines up perfectly. Also it is very clear that its working in two dimentions.

5. Exactly what it is you want to say with your photographs?

I like to challenge myself in terms of my style. It is very difficult to do it correctly without following the same pattern as similar artists. Most people that do double exposures will essentially take the same image. A persons face within a natural setting. In no way am i saying that is a bad way to present your art, Although lots of people do this. I want to challange the style and push what is possible. I want to encourage other people to think differently and to realise that a simple JPEG file or a negative can have many differant angles. I want to see more people experimenting. Combine the familiar with the unfamiliar. Combine the natural with the unnatural. The world is at your door, and your camera is a good way to show others what you see, how you see it. Show the world your version of the world we all share.

You can follow Max on instagram @maxpentecost

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