5 Questions with Rocío Aznarez

1. Can you please introduce yourself, where are you from, how long you shoot on film?

My name is Rocío Aznarez and I currently live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At 11 years old I found an analog camera in the closet of my old house. My mother studied photography long ago, abandoned her career and left her photographic equipment there. The curiosity led me to want to use the camera, little by little I understood it, buying rolls and making trial and error. Currently, it is my biggest element of work.

2. Why do you like to shoot on film?

I am a lover of the old and simple. The quality and the atmosphere generated by the analog camera allows me to further strengthen my photographic ideas, create specific spaces and establish a personal aesthetic. I like the simplicity and the ease of managing a device according to my needs.

3. What’s your favorite gear to use (camera, lens, film)?

Always work with the camera found in that closet. It is a Pentax k1000 in very good condition. I would not change it. I currently use 35mm, 50mm and 135mm zoom lenses to make portraits generally. As for photographic film, Kodak and Fuji are my faithful friends.

4. Among your works, which one is your favorite? Why?

I always find it hard to recognize the jobs I do, even when I receive good comments from friends and people who know what I do.But if I have to choose an image, it’s this one. As I mentioned before, I like to create certain atmospheres and aesthetics. Reflect mood and that photography is only a means of recording what I see. Like many of my images, this photograph is taken in a space with ambient light, which reinforces that naturalness. Their faces, their glances and their reluctant bodies give me a sense of union, love and mutual understanding. They are there, they do not need anything else, just one and the other.

5. Exactly what it is you want to say with your photographs?

I do not know if I have an explicit message for all the photographs in my portfolio, but I always try to reflect, in some way, to see myself there. I have an important attachment to make empty spaces, I think there is something in that that represents me. I like playing with natural light, I think that my personality leads me not to want to overload the images, the spaces, the portraits and to register it as it is. My serious message, to do through what you are. You can see more of Rocío’s photos here.Give her a follow on instagram @rayocatodico

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