The first of many: Our story

I’ve been shooting on Film for quite some time now. Through my journey of getting to know my cameras, starting to know how to use them to get the effects that i wish for and wander through life to shoot memories through the lense, I fell in love with the whole process behind it. From the moment you take to shoot each photo, go through the developing process and then the waiting (in case you are not developing your photos by yourself), till finally seeing the physical photos, the surprise and memories you get after seeing each photo.

Sometimes I forgot that I took a certain photo, but the moment I see it on paper, I remember the time and place I took it, and what the situation was, which helps me to remember some special moments 🙂 In contrast, the digital era we live in, works so fast and loses, in my eyes, all of it’s charm. Nowadays you can buy a camera that takes 1000 pictures at a time, which in turn loses it’s magic as it feels like a mass-production in which you don’t pay that close attention to, as you’re sure one of the 1000 pictures will turn out well. With analogue cameras you have a definite amount of photos you can take on your film which encourages you to pay more attention to each shot. Anyway, with time I realised that I wanted to share my experiences with other people that love the analogue format. As much as I like instagram, I don’t think it’s the ideal platform to display your work and to communicate with people about it. And yes there is other photography platforms such as flickr, or deviantart, but unfortunately I haven’t found a platform that is especially dedicated to film photography.

That’s why I have decided to create Analogue United. I wanted to have my special space, where I can share other people’s work as well as mine, share the magic of film with more people and give them a platform in which they can collaborate with each other. If you are asking yourself how you can join the website, then all you need is to follow this one rule:The only and most important requirement is to shoot on film, that’s it 🙂 it doesn’t matter if you are a professional photographer, or doing it as a hobby, as long as you are a fa of analogue, you can send us your best photos (min ~10) at and we are going to reach back to you.

Happy shooting! Mariya

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