10 Questions with Floyd Pote

1. Can you please tell us a few words about yourself, where are you from.

Hi my name is Floyd (yes like Pink Floyd). I was born in South Africa and raised in Auckland, New Zealand.

2. What is your photography story, how did you start? How did you get where you are now?

I started shooting digital photography at a young age, I was always into painting however I struggled to bring my visions to life and found it easier to take photos instead. I have a diploma in digital photography however only found my love for film years later. Traveling to Canada helped me see the world through new eyes and sparked my interest in documenting my surroundings.

3. What’s your favourite gear to use (camera, lens, film) ?

I have always enjoyed using Canon gear so the transition from digital to film was easy. Starting on a AE-1 and moving up to a F1 was a nice transition. My new favourite camera is my Olympus OM-1n paired with a 50mm f1.4 because of the big beautiful viewfinder it makes framing shots easy!

4. What do you enjoy shooting the most? And Why?

I have tried to find my own style when it comes to photography and I believe it is unique to me. I really enjoy shooting symmetry and repetition in architecture in nature. I have recently been trying to chase good light or will wait to capture a moment in time. My other interests lie in cars and motorbikes so any chance I get to shoot anything automotive it brings me joy. 

5. How do you educate yourself to take better photos?

Mostly repetition and learning from mistakes. I analyze and critique my raw images when I receive them back from the lab. We used to have weekly image critiques with our peers at uni so I hold myself to a high standard and take constructive criticism positively.

6. Have you ever doubted yourself? And what helped you to overcome that?

Yes when I first started shooting film and started my film account I wasn’t sure about editing my photos or if I should even post them. I figured it would be better to post them as a memory for myself (like a photo diary) rather than keeping them on my computer never to be seen.

7. What is the most rewarding part of being a photographer for you? 

The most rewarding part is getting film back from the lab not knowing what’s on it and reliving those memories. The most satisfying part is advancing the film leaver and hearing the mirror slap on an old SLR.

8. Among your works, which one is your favourite? Tell us the story behind it. 

It’s hard to choose just one but i’ll start with the first image that started it all. As I previously mentioned I love images with symmetry, this shot taken under Auckland’s harbour bridge sums it up for me. Coming from digital I was shocked by the depth and feel of film. I could just stare at this image for ages. It’s almost mesmerizing, after this I had to shoot more!

9.What gives you inspiration? 

Knowing that life is limited but images last forever! One day if my memory is faded I’ll still have these photos to look back on.

10. Exactly what it is you want to say with your photographs?

I’ll let my photos speak for themselves, the world through my eyes.

You can follow Floyd on Instagram @filmbyfloyd

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